Cyber insurance How do insurers find insurance solutions for indemnifying these increasingly complex risks ? What are the new cyber risks ? How to indemnify a cyberrisk ?

According to a major player in the insurance market, cyber-attacks represent between 400 and 600 billion euros of losses per year. In France, the cost of cybercrime for all companies is 8.6 billion euros. In the United States of America, the latest international study by Accenture Security and the Ponemon Institute clearly indicates a rise in the financial consequences of computer attacks. A cyberattack now costs the victim an average of 13 million dollars, an increase of 27.4% in 2022, over one year. Given the magnitude of the problem, it is important to fight against this phenomenon and to find solutions that will enable companies and countries/states to defeat crime.

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Agathe Leray

Graduate of the Master of Science in International Insurance Management Coventry University in partnership with Ecole Supérieure d’Assurances. Research supervised by Charles-Etienne DE CIDRAC, Professor at Coventry University and Ecole Supérieure d’Assurances.